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Lenovo Small Form Factor (SFF)

Stable, Manageable and Compact

Dependable and efficient, Lenovo's small form factors are perfect for any IT department. Such industry-leading business machines are also robust, manageable, and lightweight, making them the ideal solution for any organizational roll-out.

Minimize the Volume through Refurbished Lenovo Small Form Factor

A device built to minimize the volume and footprint of a computer can be described as the Small Form Factor or Mini PC. The Lenovo Small Form Factor is ideal for home theaters, children's computers, portable computers, space-saving devices, or even light gaming setups that do not need much room. Business PC System mini PCs are loaded with Intel Core processors and offer free shipping and a year warranty on all orders.

Premium Quality Every Single Time

All Business PC System's Lenovo's mini PCs undergo three of the most comprehensive tests that can be conducted on a device ensuring that we guarantee high quality and sustenance at a cost-effective price. We pride ourselves immensely on customer care, so feel free to contact us, thank you for your shopping!

Offering an Affordable Alternative

If you need a quick computer but don't have a lot to spend on it, we recommend picking up a re-conditioned off-lease device. These Lenovo small form factor systems are just a few years old and have had some use, but they're highly discounted and give a lot of bang for your buck. Within a limited period, Business PC Systems has sold many of these devices with big discounts via its online store. These lenovo refurbished computers systems are ready to be used out of the box, making them a great choice for smaller companies who need to deploy multiple workstations at a fraction of the price rapidly.

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