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HP Small Form Factor (SFF)

Affordable Yet Amazing Computer

Hp has been manufacturing 8300 Elite desktop computers or small hp computers for several years now, and they are widely used for offices, colleges, companies, and personal use. HP upgrades its specific products with new hardware. Still, existing models are also refurbished and then resold – and that is what is on offer here at Business PC Systems. First and foremost, the I5-3470 HP 8300 Elite desktop has been designed for all those who need an inexpensive and good multipurpose machine. This reconditioned product is checked and accredited to look and function as new. The refurbishment process involves quality checking, simple washing, inspection, and repurposing. The commodity is delivered with all necessary accessories.

Decent Hardware Suitable For Most Users

Let's be transparent upfront: this product is a 'certified refurbished' device, which implies that it is not new, even if it has been verified that it would operate as if it was. The hardware installed on this machine is pretty good and will suit most of the users. This uses a medium high-level processor that is about five years old but is still much more capable of performing day-to-day computational tasks even today about hp ultra small form factor as well as lenovo small form factor.


Let us talk about what you're going to get with this machine. As a certified refurbished machine, it must be inspected and any defective components replaced to comply with the minimum requirements indicated as:

1. CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor
2. Memory: 8GB RAM
3. Storage: 500GB SATA hard drive

We suggested sticking to certified computer vendors such as Business PC Systems when purchasing refurbished systems, as it offers a degree of clarity about the exact hardware installed in the device.


The processor on this device is the Intel Core i5-3470, which was first announced as a mid-level processor in mid-2012. Being an i5 Quad-Core, it is very well suited for multitasking as well as medium-heavy workloads. It is an older model today, but it still provides good value for general purpose and sometimes even entry-level gaming. When you don't do something too difficult for the machine to handle, it will remain functional for several years to come.

Graphics Card

Like many refurbished computer devices, this system doesn't come with a graphics card and relies solely on the graphics chipset of the processor. The processor's Intel HD Graphics 2500 is suitable for everyday activities that include watching videos, chatting webcams, and playing low end and entry-level computer games. However, you will probably have to keep your gameplay settings low and you won't be able to manage any tough games without having installed a dedicated graphics card.


This machine comes with 8 GB of memory, which would be more than enough for most of the computer hardware. You are not going to have to think about the lack of this division.


A hard drive of 500 GB is supported. The 500 GB relates to the quantity of storage space, which is a reasonable sum that would accommodate most people. We will note there is no minimum limit on the speed of the drive; this is generally stated in RPM (revolutions per minute) and we would suggest nothing less than 5200RPM. For an average user on this machine, it will usually be the speed of the drive that in most situations indicates how fast or slow the device tends to be operating. Since there is no minimum cited here, you've pretty much got to play the 'seek and see' game here. You should bear in mind that the HP 8300 Elite stock has a 7200RPM drive, so you'd expect the reconditioned option at least to suit that.

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