13962 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, MD, 20707 | Phone: 1-301-458-1127

13962 Baltimore Ave, Laurel, MD, 20707 | Phone: 1-301-458-1127

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Refurbished Business PCs - Desktop Computers and Towers  

We selectively procure Dell, Lenovo, and HP used computers of the highest quality and then re-condition them to be First Class Teaching Technology.  

Call them what you want, Renovated, Reconditioned, Refurbished, Used 

The bottom line is that we are working machines that look fine, function well, and cost much less than new desktop devices. For computers that have gone through our comprehensive phase, we classify them as Second-Life Hardware and proudly stand behind every single unit. If our checks and specifications are not met, we will strip them
of the internal components for reuse and recycle the remainder. And, since we are an Approved Refurbisher, you can safely bet that our products will match or exceed all your standards.  

Business PC Systems: Shopping Upgraded 

Business PC Systems is the largest technology-focused e-retailer in the United States of America. Founded in (insert inception date), the company provides its tens of millions of active members a broad range of the newest electronics, refurbished desktops, and gaming products. Business PC Systems is consistently ranked among the best online retail destinations, and the company regularly receives industry-leading customer support ratings. 

Offering an Affordable Alternative  

If you need a quick computer or want to buy hp computer but don't have a lot to spend on it, we recommend picking up a re-conditioned off-lease device. These refurbished desktop computers are just a few years old and have had some use, but they're highly discounted and give a lot of bang for your buck. Within a limited time, we have sold many of thesedevices with big discounts via its online store. These computer systems are ready to be used out of the box, making them a great choice for smaller companies who need to deploy multiple workstations at a fraction of the price rapidly.  


Your One-Stop Shop For Refurbished Desktop Computers 

Since Business PC Systems was founded in (insert inception year), we have provided this expertise with solutions that can help customers optimize returns and reduce data
protection and environmental impacts associated with the disposal of excess IT properties. Now, more than ever, corporate America recognizes the need for end-of-life business desktop computers or refurbished dell computers to be handled professionally. Business PC Systems offers qualified, streamlined strategies and technologies that enable our customers to be confident that their needs are covered and that their costs are minimized.  

Our Mission 

Business PC Systems is one of the world's leading refurbished desktop computer, dell tower and hp desktop computers providers. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most streamlined solutions for optimizing returns and mitigating risks related to data protection and inappropriate handling of end of life IT properties.  

Our Philosophy 

Business PC Systems provides affordable prices for its unmatched product range, with a strong commitment to on-time product delivery. We encourage customers to make the correct buying decisions by providing comprehensive dell refurbished desktops product details, the peer review process, expert feedback, product guides, and the ability to network with other members of the Business PC Systems group. Service quality is the primary concern of Business PC Systems, accomplished by delivering excellent service with our ever-present ideology of putting customers first.  

Reuse Beats Recycle 

With a standard machine life of 4 - 5 years, our organization produces "20 to 50 million metric tons of electronic waste annually," as illustrated in the New York Post 2020 report on refurbished devices. Schools should stop "contributing time and time again to the fastest rising waste source in the world," as reported in the 2019 Time Magazine article on E-Waste.  

Currently, less than 25% of electrical waste is recycled in the United States of America The large bulk end up in landfills, possibly at risk to the environment because such equipment contains harmful chemicals such as mercury and beryllium. Instead of purchasing new equipment and adding to the crisis, schools should buy refurbished computers to minimize the ever-changing gateway from manufacturing to landfill sites significantly.